Applicationpoolidentity account – setting permissions in IIS for ASP.NET Application

If you have problems setting permissions on IIS 7 or higher that’S probably due to mis-understanding under which account your web site is running. By default, ApplicationPoolIdentity is used to run default application pool. When you create your new site, MyWebSite, in MyAppPool you will see in Task Manager that IIS process which runs your web site is run under MyAppPool user. Whenever a new application pool is created, the IIS management process creates a security identifier (SID) that represents the name of the application pool itself. The problem becomes real, when you need to set some permissions on your file system for this user. You won’t see it. So if you try to set permissions on file or folder by

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Select a file or directory.
  • Right click the file and select “Properties”
  • Select the “Security” tab
  • Click the “Edit” and then “Add” button
  • Click the “Locations” button and make sure you select your machine.

if you search now for user “MyAppPool” you won’t find it. The trick is that you have to search for name “IIS AppPool\MyAppPool”. This user has been found and you can set desired permissions.

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